Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where The Decider Got His Mojo

It seems as though neither Congress nor the White House are very interested in bailing out the automakers. And if they are, they obviously don't want to take credit for it. Sen. Chris Dodd today suggested that the Bush administration should take executive action, since it seems unlikely that Congress would act in time. 

If you stop and think about it, what Sen Dodd is really saying is that, even though the legislative branch (whose job it is to decide policy) has decided that bailing out Detroit is bad policy, the executive branch (whose job it is to carry out Congress' decisions) should ignore that decision and do whatever it wants.

The next time you hear someone in Congress complain about how the Bush White House has bypassed and marginalized Congress, and how they have used scare tactics to do so, consider how Sen. Dodd has advocated the abrogation of congressional responsibility. Recall how Congress did the same after 9-11. This is how the job of "Decider" was passed off to Bush. But when the president decides, democracy suffers.  

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