Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Standard Operating Procedures

From Al Jazeera (which runs circles around American MSM when it comes to reporting) comes this story about the children whose father was murdered in shocking* tape released by Wikileaks (video below):

Two young children whose father was killed in the attack could not understand why they were targeted.
"We were coming back and we saw an injured man. My father said, let's take him to hospital. Then I heard only the bullets ... Why did they shoots us? Didn't they see we were children?" said Sajad Mutashar, who was injured along with his sister.
His uncle, Satar, demanded the pilot be taken to court.
"Nobody gave the children anything, their rights are gone and the Americans didn't even compensate for the destroyed car. I sold it for $500 to spend the money treating them," Satar told Al Jazeera.
The US army says it has authorised payments to the family.

The US Army also said that they don't doubt the authenticity of the video, but that everyone did everything by the book.

And the sad thing is, it's true. It appears that they did. The problem is that doing things by the book includes murdering people in cold blood because they looked suspicious.

*To be clear, what is shocking isn't that this happens. What is shocking is that you are actually seeing it, because this is the kind of thing that the US Government does everything it can to keep quiet about. It wouldn't want people thinking that there might be a reason all those Muslims are angry.

Here is the video if you haven't see in it yet:

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