Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fair and Balanced? reports that Fox was helping to rally to the crowd at the 9-12 Tea Bag party:

On Friday, Fox News boasted in a print ad that other network missed the tea party protest on 9/12, despite the fact that CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS were all there covering it. (CNN shot back in an ad of their own).

But it turns out that while Fox was covering the protest, a Fox producer, at one point, rallied the crowd to cheer while Griff Jenkins was on camera. Media Matters caught this clip a few days back, but now Fox confirms that it was, indeed, a staffer.

This barely even raises an eyebrow these days. Media Matters writes:

Fox News now routinely engages in political advocacy against the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress, and Beck’s promotion of a September 12 march on Washington is the latest example. Network executives have made little effort to hide Fox News’ agenda, with one referring to the network as the “voice of opposition.”

“There is little difference between being the ‘voice of opposition’ and just being the opposition,” said Eric Burns, president of Media Matters. “Since the president’s election, Fox News has become nothing more than the 24/7 media wing of the Republican Party. No political party in American history has had such an enormous megaphone.”

This is journalism? They have their right to free speech and all, but we all be aware that this is not a "news" organization. They are more concerned with making news than reporting on it. One of their employees (Beck) organizes and promotes a rally in Washington. Fox then promotes it constantly through "reporting". One of their producers gets up and rallies the crowd. How is this reporting?

It's probably time to retire that "Fair and Balanced" slogan.

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