Sunday, September 20, 2009

War on Terror is Now a CounterInsurgency

From NYT:

Admiral Mullen, called before the Senate Armed Services Committee to testify for his nomination to serve a second term as chairman, said that no specific request for more troops had yet been received from Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the senior American and NATO commander in Afghanistan.

“But I do believe that — having heard his views and having great confidence in his leadership — a properly resourced counterinsurgency probably means more forces, and, without question, more time and more commitment to the protection of the Afghan people and to the development of good governance,” Admiral Mullen said

So now we're not even pretending that it has anything to do with terrorists? Why are we there again?

The Taliban is mounting an insurgency against the corrupt regime which we helped to install. Both sides are reprehensible. We cannot defeat the Taliban. They just want us out of the way. Afghanistan poses no security threat to the United States, outside of the threat of Al Qaeda, which has largely moved to Pakistan. If we persist in meddling in Afghanistan, and killing more and more of their people, we will further radicalize the Taliban, and provide more and more recruits for radical organizations.

Why are we there? Because we need to justify the enormous amount of human life and money we've wasted already. And that's about it. Apparently, wasting more is the solution.

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