Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cigna Killed Her Daughter

Now, all of the free-market cult members I know will say that this woman had no right to demand that Cigna pay for her daughter's liver transplant. After all, they aren't in business to pay for things they aren't required to pay for. They are in business to make money!

Forget about the fact that they sell their policies to people who trust them to cover these things, and then screw them in the fine print.

Forget about the fact that if they were honest about the fine print, then these people could have actually gone and tried to find insurance that worked.

Forget the fact that the Sarkisyans paid for their policy every month, in assuming, in good faith, that they would be covered.

Just consider that first argument: They are in business to make money.

They are not in the business of making sure people get health care. They just aren't. None of them are. Not a single one. They are trying to make money, and if some people get health care as a result, fine. And if they have to die so they can make money, well, that's fine too.

How blind do you have to be, to defend this system? How insanely excited are you about the idea of profit-making corporations, that you would justify outcomes like this, where a 17 year old girl is denied a transplant that would have saved her life, while the CEO of the company that denied it makes $78 million over 5 years?

What is the value of a system that produces these kinds of outcomes?

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