Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Inhumanity and Constitutional Rape = Good

From a Fox News transcript of an exchange between Bret Baier and Neocon Nutcase Charles Krauthammer:

BAIER: Charles, what do you like about President Obama's policies?

KRAUTHAMMER: To me, that is a lightning round question, but I will dig deep and I will give him credit for continuing the Bush policy of the rendition and detention without trial.

Rendition is handing over a bad guy that you capture abroad over to another country, which was denounced by the left in the Bush years as inhuman, and detention without trial of course was attacked by the Democratic left as a rape of the constitution.

So I'm glad Obama is continuing the inhumanity and the constitutional rape of the Bush administration. It shows a certain broadmindedness.

He's correct that Obama is continuing these policies. He's despicable for liking it.

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