Tuesday, March 16, 2010

McCain, Leiberman, and Gestapo Government

Senators John McCain and Joe Leiberman have just introduced legislation that would allow the United States military to  arrest any American citizen, at their discretion, for anything that resembles a terrorist act, and to imprison them forever, without any access to a lawyer, and without a trial. And, presumably, to torture them.

This is perhaps the most disgusting and anti-American bill I have ever seen. It quite literally would allow the use of the exact same tactics that the KGB and the Gestapo employed. It violates everything that America stands for, and is in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States.

If this bill had been the law in 1996, Richard Jewel (the Olympic security guard hero who saved the lives of many people but was initially suspected of being a bomber) would have been arrested, thrown into a military prison, denied a lawyer or any contact with the outside world, interrogated and tortured, denied a trial, and died alone and terrified in some black hole prison. 

If nothing else, this bill is a stark reminder of the moral depravity of Senators McCain and Leiberman. And if the reaction of the American people is not a swift and unconditional condemnation, then the same will apply to us.

OpenCongress has more here.

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