Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Now This Would Be Change You Can Believe In

This is how health care reform should have been approached from the beginning. It would have made the Republicans take a position on Medicare immediately, and it could have have begun helping people immediately.

How can Republicans justify denying Medicare to the rest of the country? Why should a healthy, well-off 68 year-old get Medicare, while a poor 30-year-old with lupus gets a death sentence?

Instead of a confusing, bloated, insurance company giveaway like the bill which the Senate has passed, why not just propose The Medicare For All Act? Medicare is hugely popular, and the voters would love it.

I realize that this is a rhetorical question. We don't really live in a democracy anymore, at least not in any meaningful way. And so what the voters want is pretty much irrelevant. But what is relevant is what the insurance companies want, and Medicare For All would be the end for these parasites.

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