Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tasering 76 Year Olds...Wyoming's Finest

From the KULR8 TV web site...

GLENROCK, WYOMING - A 76-year-old Wyoming man shot with a Taser by police during a parade in the small town of Glenrock says it hurt but he's OK. Retired truck driver Bud Grose of Glenrock told The Associated Press in a telephone interview on Wednesday that he has a heart condition but he didn't require any medical attention.
He declined to discuss specifics of the incident until he speaks to his attorney.
Two officers in the town of Glenrock were placed on paid leave and state agents are investigating, but the police chief says it doesn't appear any policies were violated.
State investigator Tim Hill says the police officers contend Grose disobeyed their orders while riding on an antique tractor during the town's parade Saturday.

I this pretty much speaks for itself, but I'll comment on it briefly anyway. Last week, I wrote about the growing tendency of police in this country to escalate violence (and Tasering is definitely violent). No doubt the Glenrock police department will refer to the tasering as a less-violent technique, but less violent than what? The fact that they may have considered shooting this man is not an excuse for using a less lethal, but still potentially deadly, excessive, brutal, unnecessary and violent weapon on a 76 year old man who exhibited absolutely no signs of violence.

How can anyone possibly justify this kind of police behavior?

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