Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hear, Hear

I'm really on a roll here with this mulitmedia blitz. Here's Senator Dick Durbin pointing out that the only real idea that Republicans have for health care reform is at best useless, and at worst enormously unjust:

Malpractice reform has one thing going for it-you get to bash lawyers. And if there is one thing that uneducated, knee-jerk right wingers hate more than Congress, it's lawyers. They can't tell you why, really. It's just been drilled into their heads over and over again. So naturally they believe that all lawyers are out to destroy the economy by filing billion dollar lawsuits every time someone burns themselves on a McDonald's product.

What these people forget is that in a purely free-market environment (which I realize is a fictional concept, not unlike unicorns, leprechauns and free birthday ponies for all), lawsuits are how you get the compensation you deserve. It is a terribly inefficient and inequitable system in which a small percentage of the total number of injured people get most of the money, while most of the injured get none. But this is a by-product of free-market philosophy.

I would gladly trade the malpractice litigation system we now have for an out-of-court, no fault system like the one in France- if I could have a single payer health care system. But as long as I am forced to buy insurance on the open market, I want my right to sue when I don't get what I paid for.

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