Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sure, People Are Dying, But Reconciliation Is Just...Rude!

Megan McCardle on why the Democrats shouldn't use reconciliation to pass the bill:
If the Democrats use budget reconciliation to bypass the Republicans, they will be making a big mistake.
Reconciliation is not meant to handle these sorts of problems; it’s meant to help Congress get revenues in line with outlays without letting protracted negotiations push us into a budget crisis.
Well, guess what, Megan? The filibuster was never meant to be used every single time the majority party, which represents a huge majority of Americans, tries to pass legislation. But it is. So quit your whining about the grand reconciliation use traditions of the Senate. Democrats were elected to reform health care, and the 45,000 people a year who are dying because they don't have insurance don't really give a damn about tradition. 

Edit: This bill is still a turd sandwich.

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