Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Enemy Combatants?

Right-wingers are all up in arms about the Obama administration's plan to try the underwear bomber in court. (Even though their hero Bush tried the shoe bomber in court.)

I just have a couple points to make. First, don't you need to declare war against someone in order to be at war? Unless I missed it, we have not declared war against Yemen, or Nigeria (or Afghanistan or Iraq, either, for that matter.)

But maybe that's just a technicality. This, however, is not. You can not be sentenced to prison for acts of war. You may be imprisoned as a prisoner of war, (subject to all the protections of the Geneva convention), but when the war is over,  you have to let the POW's go home.

So anyone who calls for treating terrorists as enemy combatants must be OK with releasing them when the "War on Terror" is over.

The scary thing is these people literally plan on the "War on Terror" going on forever.

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