Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rep. Capuano Yells at the Banks

Great theater:

Unfortunately, it will accomplish nothing. These guys will say they're sorry, and then go right back to doing the same thing. And they'll continue to buy off people like Sen. Dodd (who is no planning on killing the only decent part of the financial reform legislation left), most of the the Democratic leadership, and the entire Republican party, which, of course, they've owned since time immemorial.

So I recommend that you watch this. Because this kind of dog and pony sideshow is probably all you've ever get in exchange for those trillions in taxpayer guarantees.


  1. That's not entirely fair. Those trillions helped the economy cease the free fall.

  2. That's probably small comfort to the 30 million who are out of work, and who didn't put the economy in free fall in the first place.