Sunday, January 17, 2010

Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

Even Tom Friedman is starting to see the light:
Dick Cheney says President Obama is “trying to pretend that we are not at war” with terrorists. There is only one thing I have to say about that: I sure hope so.
Frankly, if I had my wish, we would be on our way out of Afghanistan not in, we would be letting Pakistan figure out which Taliban they want to conspire with and which ones they want to fight, we would be letting Israelis and Palestinians figure out on their own how to make peace, we would be taking $100 billion out of the Pentagon budget to make us independent of imported oil — nothing would make us more secure — and we would be reducing the reward for killing or capturing Osama bin Laden to exactly what he’s worth: 10 cents and an autographed picture of Dick Cheney.
This from the guy who has never met a war he didn't like until this year. This from the guy who has made a career out of apologizing for every atrocious and stupid policy Israel has ever come up with. This from the namesake of the Friedman Unit. This from the guy who said this about our invasion of Iraq back in 2003:

Of course, the only reason he thinks these policies are bad is because they aren't good for the economy.

And what does the war on terror give us? Better drones, body scanners and a lot of desultory T.S.A. security jobs at airports. “Sputnik spurred us to build a highway to the future,” added Mandelbaum. “The war on terror is prompting us to build bridges to nowhere.”

No mention of the hundreds of thousands of dead, the needless destruction of societies, torture, weakened American security, and the debasement of US civil rights. For starters.

Baby steps, Tom. Baby steps.

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