Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Nation Freaks Out

The president summoned top administration officials today to make a big show of concern about airport security:
President Obama rebuked the U.S. intelligence community Tuesday for a "potentially disastrous" failure to detect an airline bombing plot, saying it ignored various "red flags" and failed to pull together pieces of information it already had. He called the intelligence breakdown intolerable and vowed that "we will do better" in the future....
Obama's statement came after he summoned 20 of his top national security aides for a White House meeting Tuesday afternoon. The changes to the government's terrorist watch-list system were part of a series of steps to improve airline safety following the bombing attempt, which was thwarted when the explosives failed to detonate and passengers subdued the suspect.
Let me get this straight. Some nutcase sets his underwear on fire, and the entire country reacts by taking its own underwear off, wrapping it around its neck, and attempting to strangle itself out of shock, disbelief, and craven, pathetic fear. After which, it runs to its government daddy, crying and wondering why anyone would want to do something like this.

Americans need to have something hammered into their heads. The United States has chosen a policy of pissing off every Muslim on the planet, by invading and occupying Muslim lands, torturing, imprisoning and killing innocent Muslims without trial, unconditionally supporting and arming Israel and other repressive regimes as they terrorize the Middle East, and blatantly stealing Muslim oil.

Apparently, quite a few people in this country have no problem with these policies. Those people need to shut the fuck up, and quit freaking out when an aggrieved party tries to blow up a plane, or a building, or, God forbid, something worse. What do they expect?

How is this kind of behavior a surprise? When you think about it, it's a pretty minimal reaction to all the murder and mayhem we commit. Get used to it. We obviously have no intention of changing these policies. Why should we think that continuing to do the same thing will bring us different results?

Maybe enraging a billion or so people is worth doing. Maybe living with increasing numbers of attacks by increasing numbers of increasingly radicalized Islamists is a small price to pay for cheap oil and SUV's, the privilege of forcing democracy down the throats of people who don't want it, and the undying, contemptuous gratitude we get from Israel. Maybe being a moral nation isn't so important after all.

Fine. Just quit with the surprise and righteous indignation already. It's pathetic.

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