Saturday, January 16, 2010

Like Sheep To the Slaughter

From a story on the uselessness of the terror alert system come this pearl:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, at a Reuters Washington Summit in mid-October, acknowledged problems with the advisory system.
"The problem is a color code, or a number, or whatever, without information to people as to what it means, and what they're supposed to do, that's really where the frustration is," Napolitano said at the summit. "The code itself, absent a connection with real information, doesn't have much utility."
But that's just the point, really, isn't it? Americans aren't supposed to learn or care about what kinds of terrorist threats there are, nor why any of these threats exist. We're supposed to see a sign with pretty colors, and then react like sheep, get scared, and let the government take away a few more of our precious American civil liberties.

This is not hyberbole. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge was pressured to use the terror alert system to scare the public into voting for Bush, who used this victory to continue the destruction of the rule of law and US civil liberties.
Ridge was never invited to sit in on National Security Council meetings; was "blindsided" by the FBI in morning Oval Office meetings because the agency withheld critical information from him; found his urgings to block Michael Brown from being named head of the emergency agency blamed for the Hurricane Katrina disaster ignored; and was pushed to raise the security alert on the eve of President Bush's re-election, something he saw as politically motivated and worth resigning over.
This worked pretty well for a while. But now Americans are beginning to question why we are supposedly facing a never-ending existential threat from people who just don't like our movies or taste in music. They want details. They want to know why we are sacrificing American ideals and spending hundreds of billions of dollars fighting wars we can't win against people who shouldn't hate us.

Authoritarian rulers love to scare the people. But they're going to have to come up with something better than this pretty soon.


  1. we are all PALESTINIANS now. Wake up America....your government has been taken over by a FASCIST FOREIGN ENTITY with no loyalty to any country. Kill them all. It is the only solution. I was taught by my country here in the U.S.A. that this is the most brutal form of government that ever existed.(Nazis etc.)KILL THEM ALL LIKE THE COCKROACHES THAT THEY ARE AND THEN WE MAY CREATE A SOCIETY THAT WILL BENEFIT ALL WORKING PEOPLE OVER THE GLOBE. A general international strike will bring all of them down as they are already bankrupt. What we have in America is CORPORATE COMMUNISM ...A.K.A. as FASCISM.

  2. What makes everything "terrorism" connected a monumental sham, is its utter bogusness concocted on the foundation of a monstrous lie: the 9/11 false-flag treason. Everything without exception that has occurred since as fallout from that act -- all of it -- is therefore false, all of it an elaborate lie. The world will not be righted until the lie finally falls apart. As it most certainly must.

  3. End the International Bankers!

  4. "Kill them all, etc, etc"

    I don't think it IS the only solution. I believe daily voting and more transparency are in order for public money and servants (MP's/Senators/"leaders")

    I DO love yer rant tho Jeff(?). The one saying Americans are Palastinians w/o rights. Not far off. :P

    Anyways I feel daily voting can provide stats for our "leaders" to look up to. iVote would be a nice concept for PROPOSED laws before they ruin your rights.

    Naturally reforming OLD laws "could" be as easy as clicking "iVote NOOOOOOOOOOO" to bill 74a, allowing them to poke and prode at their whim w/o due process/human rights bs/etc.

    We ARE like sheep, 7 BILLION sheep controlled by a mere 500 or so?

    7,000,000,000+ people
    500+ people

    I believe we'd "evolve"/gain from building a voting system, online 24/7, wiki kinda website, reddit style commenting system

    If one open source company doesn't pick this task up, another will...

    Great read. Glad to see people JUST as passionate about their fellow man (b/c admins don't seem to care for their flock)
    Sure as hell worked for Linux! :)

    Free SCV

  5. What she's really saying is that the quality of each successive fake terror alert that they pull has to be a little better than the last one.

    Trouble is, as the schoolboy amateurish quality of each successive prank does not get better with the pulling of it, the rising suspicions attending on the cumulative memory of the previous pranks almost immediately force a slew of harder questions following on each event, forcing panic revisions to official narrative of the latest, which only makes things worse for the story tellers, for they are at the point of doing just one too many equally poorly conceived and executed terruh event, for even the dull in our midst will begin to ask questions about the last 9yrs, and then its over. Paris 1789AD.

    Yes, Janet Napolitano, what you are saying is that you are at an impasse, for to make the colour codes continue to be believable, each successive terruh event has to be more plausible than the previous one, and that is physically impossible to do.

  6. Hey Janet Darlin'...

    Remember that sendoff the Italians
    gave Mussuolini?

    That was nothing compared to whats coming.
    Nothing close.

    Sleep with one eye open.

  7. Whilst we still have luxury of ranting and raving about the world situation, we still have tte problem of putting our anger to good use. There are so many thingsI want to change but where to start? Have you noticed we have no real leader to our revolution? Someone in power!

  8. When the time is right, the leader will appear....

  9. We need to give the government more of what it wants. More information. All kinds. don't stop - mail it in, call it in, do some spoof surfing on the internet.
    One must use one's imagination. There are lots of gov't agencies just dying for more information about us...
    they probably would even enjoy information about dead people or those who never existed.

  10. Anonymous said...
    When the time is right, the leader will appear....

    January 17, 2010 7:16 AM

    Platitudes from the mouths of the sheeple. "The time has been right" for a LONG, LONG time now and the sheeple are still waiting for "someone else" to take the risks, do the hard work and let them off the hook so they can pass the buck to others or the magic 'ultimate' other. Trouble is, these lazy narcissists would recognize a True Leader if he came, and certainly would not get off their selfish asses to support him if he appeared.

    It takes the VILLAGE, as they say, not just a magic bullet.

  11. I suggest an Alan Grayson/Glenn Greenwald ticket.

  12. God, if only H. L. Mencken were alive today to write about these crooks in DC and the idiots who continue to vote in federal elections, thinking that the same assholes who created all of their problems for their own gain are going to solve them.

    Same as it ever was.

    By the way, why in the hell does this site have the copy/paste options turned off?

  13. no one or nothing will change anything. it's too late too entrenched. the balls of americans have been ripped off. they lie down and roll over at the sign of a raised hand from their own government. their rights are being stipped away and still they lie there, hoping "SOMEONE ELSE" will do something to preserve their freedoms. they came to america to escape tyranny from royalty etc. and in less than 200 yrs created another royalty they worship. most of who's money came from crime eg. rockefellers and kennedy's, to which they've added moviestars, business moguls, sports celebrities etc. it's the same in america now as it was in the england they left 200yrs ago........all the money in the hands of a few. there is no new land to go steal from natives so the only solution is a revolution. if you don't have the courage for that......then sit not go to work..........and when the BIG 5 start hurting financially maybe they'll throw you a crumb or two...THEN they'll tell you they have to microchip all of you for safety sake and you'll line up like sheep. THEN "THEY" have complete control of you and can "TAKE YOU OUT" whenever it pleases them to do name is sandy.............have a good day.