Monday, January 4, 2010

Who Lets These Savages Have Guns?

No longer satisfied from the high one gets from brutally Tasering people who aren't polite, cops have now moved on to Tasering people in comas. The following is from a lawsuit filed in Illinois. The LaGrange and Brookfield defendants are cops.

8. Plaintiff Prospero David Lassi is a diabetic. On the morning of April 9, 2009, while in his home, Mr. Lassi suffered a diabetes-induced seizure.
9. Mr. Lassi’s roommate, John Roza, heard Mr. Lassi groaning in pain and rushed to Mr. Lassi’s room. There he observed Mr. Lassi lying on the ground and foaming from the mouth. Mr. Roza called 911, seeking emergency medical assistance.
10. Shortly after 911 was called, the LaGrange and Brookfield Defendants, as well as paramedics from the LaGrange Park Ambulance service, arrived at Mr. Lassi’s home. Mr. Roza informed the LaGrange and Brookfield Defendants and paramedics about Mr. Lassi’s diabetes and explained that Mr. Lassi was having a seizure and needed medical care.
11. The paramedics began to examine Mr. Lassi, but because of his medical condition, Mr. Lassi was not alert and could not move his body. The paramedics enlisted the LaGrange and Brookfield Defendants’ assistance in moving Mr. Lassi from where he was laying.
12. According to one or more of the LaGrange Defendants, one of Mr. Lassi’s arms flailed during his diabetes-induced seizure, striking one of the LaGrange and Brookfield Defendants. At no time did Mr. Lassi intentionally strike or offensively touch any of the LaGrange or Brookfield Defendants.
13. Reacting to Mr. Lassi’s involuntary movement, one or more of the LaGrange and Brookfield Defendants pushed Mr. Lassi to the ground, forcibly restraining him there.
14. Defendant Pedota then withdrew his Taser, an electroshock weapon that uses electrical current to disrupt a person’s control over his muscles, and electrocuted Mr. Lassi eleven times.
15. Mr. Lassi remained immobile on the floor and was unable to defend himself during this attack. None of the other LaGrange and Brookfield Defendants attempted to interruptDefendant Pedota’s repeated use of the Taser. 
16. After Mr. Lassi was subjected to nearly one full minute of Taser shock, one or more of the LaGrange and Brookfield Defendants and paramedics transported him to Adventist LaGrange Memorial Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. He remained in the hospital for five days.
17. As a result of this incident, Mr. Lassi has permanent scars on his skin, including a scar on his face. Mr. Lassi has also suffered, and continues to suffer, neurological and musculoskeletal injuries, among other injuries.
I'm not even sure what else can be added here, except to express disbelief that people like this are allowed to carry guns.

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