Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"In A World Where Democrats Ran the Government (from 2001-2007)..."

Check out this new video. It might be a trailer for a new film tentatively called "Conservative Fantasy II: The Amnesiacs":

It's almost unbelievable that right-wing populists could make this argument with a straight face. Republicans were in control of Congress from 1994 until Jan 2007. We had a Republican president from Jan 2001 until Jan 2009. The massive recession we are in started in Dec 2007, and the seeds for it were sown in the years which preceded it.

Right-wing politicians are responsible for literally every single apocalyptic event that they breathlessly rail against in this video, with the exception of health care reform (which hasn't even passed yet.)

  • Higher taxes on middle class? Check*
  • A reduction in civil liberties? Check
  • Insane spending? Check
  • Socialism? I guess they're talking about corporate welfare. Check!
  • Government Takeovers? We're talking about GM, Fannie and Freddie, right? Ruined on the Republican watch? Check
  • Development of systemic risk resulting in corporate looting and requiring bailouts? Check
  • TARP? Requested and implemented by Bush and his Treasury Secretary? Check
  • Need for Federal Reserve guarantees? Check
  • 2008 Bush stimulus program? Check
  • Tax, Spend, and Redistribute to Corporations and the Rich? Check
  • We're broke? Check
  • Massive national debt? Check
  • Recession causing 10% unemployment? Check
  • Backroom deals? Payoffs? Blatant and shameless bribes? Check

"We've had enough..." I'd say so. I have, anyway.

"We're taking our country back..." Directly to the stone ages. Or at least the Great Depression.

"From Radicals..." Like people who bring guns to town hall meetings? Or people who believe that you should just die if you can't afford health care?

"From Leftists and Liberals..." Oh, you mean all those leftist, liberal Republicans who destroyed our country from 2001 to 2007.

"America Rising..." Yeah. Let's give them another chance. 

*In all fairness, they did cut taxes for the super rich. Bankers, you know. This worked out well.

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