Saturday, January 9, 2010

This Guy... Dale Robertson, the founder of The Tea Party, according to many polls, is viewed more favorably than Democrats or Republicans in the US.

What, exactly, does that say about Democrats, Republicans, and the US? Or about our spelling skills?

H/T Paul Rosenberg at Open Left


  1. Most important, what does this say about America's fashion sense?

  2. Tea Party people are upset with 10 to 17% unemployment. How do we reverse this condition? Most jobs are found in smaller business ventures, not industries traded on the stock exchange. Smaller businesses must be created en masse, as not all survive, assuming the environment is friendly to them. Today, government turns the environment unfriendly to entrepreneurial ventures, as taxation, regulations and bureaucratic discouragement runs rampant. Economic growth happened in America, as described in SAVE PEBBLE DROPPERS & PROSPERITY, seen on America has drifted into a way of life discouraging private innovation and creativity as politically incorrect, and this must change.

  3. They should be upset about that. And they should that the issue isn't too many taxes, or too little, or too much regulation or too little, or too much government or too little.

    The issue is that that tax environment and the regulatory environment is heavily tilted in the favor of big business. And it's tilted this way because big business owns the government.

    This isn't a right vs left issue. It's a simple power struggle between the elite and the average citizen, The government isn't destroying business with regulation, it's allowing big business to write regulations (or remove them) for their benefit and at the expense of taxpayers and small businesses.

    As long as Tea Partiers insist that Obama is a Communist (he seems to be owned by Wall Street), and that the government should continue to let Goldman, etc, do whatever they want, and to blame the countries problems on minorities and support candidates who want to give corporations more power instead of less, they will exacerbate the problem, not help solve it.

    Misguided populism is not helpful.

    When your founder holds up a sign that says Congress=SlaveOwner Taxpayer=Niggar...well, I don't even know what that means. It has no literal meaning, which leaves one to assume that it's just a racial insult, intended to blame blacks for the problems of our country.

    Considering that they make up 10% of our population, and that white conservatives have literally run the entire government for most of this past decade, this is a strange argument to make.

  4. That sign is a really clumsy and stupid way of trying to say that Congress thinks it owns the US taxpayer and can do whatever it wants. There are, obviously, much more literate ways of making that point.

    The Texerriffic fashion makes an unfortunate PR statement of its own!